LTAC boasts one of the most modern oil-extraction facilities in the industry.

A combination of “continuous flow” extraction methods and a computerized monitoring and recording system allow for an efficient and consistent quality control. Here, essential oils are extracted from the fresh plant material by the use of live steam. Included in this facility is a blending unit that allows LTAC to combine oils with different characteristics desired by customers, and blend it into a final product of a consistent quality.

Ute Thacker is LTAC’s chemist and power engineer. Receiving her Bachelor of Science, Honors Program, in Chemistry at the University of Alberta, she closely monitors the quality and characteristics of the oil being produced through the use of a Gas Chromatograph (GC) unit in LTAC’s laboratory. Ute is also a licensed Class 3 Power Engineer, responsible for the maintenance of the steam generation in the oil extraction facility.

Also part of the LTAC team is Refe Gaudiel, an agronomist, researcher, and consultant. Refe has been a key part of the development of the essential oil industry in Canada and continues to work with LTAC to improve both the quality of products and the agricultural methods used in their production.