About us


Based in Bow Island, Alberta, Lynn Thacker Ag. Corp. (LTAC) is a family owned business with a background of several generations and over 80 years’ experience in the agriculture industry. Comprised of Lynn and Ute Thacker, and their son and daughter-in-law, Clint and Robin Thacker, LTAC specializes in the production and distillation of various high quality essential oils, including Spearmint, Dill Weed, and Catnip. In addition, LTAC is North America’s largest producer of commercial Catnip herb, and the major supplier to North America’s Catnip toy industry. LTAC also produces various commercial and seed grains.


LTAC is a fourth generation family farm located near the town of Bow Island, in South Eastern Alberta. As the third generation, Lynn and his brothers, Jim and Dale, branched off from growing exclusively traditional grains in the late 1980’s. Their utilization of progressive agricultural methods, extensive industry research, and the ever-present threat of unstable grain prices, led to an introduction to essential oil crops. Starting with only a few acres and a small, portable extraction facility, Lynn and his brothers grew its essential oil operation for almost two decades into a major North American supplier of Scotch Spearmint oil and Dill Weed Oil, with a state of the art oil extraction facility.

A few years later, an experiment in growing another mint plant, commonly referred to as Catnip (Nepeta Cataria), turned into another successful venture. The plant was harvested and processed into a dried herb suitable for use in the pet toy industry. Additionally, the plant was steam distilled to extract 100% pure Catnip Oil.

In 2007, LTAC took over ownership and operation of the existing facilities. LTAC continues to be a trusted and well-respected supplier of Scotch Spearmint Oil and Dill Weed Oil, and a global leader in the production and supply of Catnip Herb and Catnip Oil.