Spearmint oil

Commonly believed to have been imported to North America from Scotland, hence its name. Most notably used in mint candies, tooth paste, and chewing gum.

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Dillweed Oil

Its primary use is in flavoring for pickles, but is also used in various other food flavorings, as well as soaps, perfumes, creams, and detergents.

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Catnip Herb and Oil

Dried Catnip herb is used primarily in the pet toy industry, but is also used in herbal teas and as a component in natural insect repellant.

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Essential Oils

  • Catnip Oil (Nepeta Cataria)
  • Dill Oil (Anethum Graveolens)
  • French Tarragon Oil (Artemesia Dracunculus)
  • Scotch Spearmint Oil (Mentha Cardiaca)

Catnip Herb

  • Cut & Sift (Coarse leaf and bud material)
  • Tea (Fine leaf material)

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